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Winter Elopement in Chatham

Erika and Adam planned their winter elopement at the Chatham Bars Inn this past December!

It’s definitely one of the coolest honors to be alone with a couple as they say their vows to each other, and to no one else. Winter on Cape Cod is one of the best times to do it – a deserted beach, and the quiet noises from the local fishing pier.


Erika and Adam walked down to the Boat House together, and met me and the lovely Rev. Kathleen Geagan in the sand!

chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-02chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-03chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-04chatham bars inn elopementchatham winter elopementchatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-07

Flowers by Patrice Milley – always gorgeous!chatham bars inn winter weddingchatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-09chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-010chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-011chatham winter weddingchatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-013

A perfect snuggle by the fire after saying “I do!”chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-014chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-015chatham-bars-inn-winter-wedding-elopement-016

A very warm congratulations to Erika and Adam as they savored the rest of this cozy winter together, and are now welcoming a new spring in their marriage!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity