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Why I Shoot Film

For every question I do get about film, I’m positive there are a million more. I was about to create a full blog post about it, but I didn’t even get past the title before deciding I was going to try my first video post! WHAT?!

Okay, yes, I had already showered today, so that was a plus. But I don’t know the first thing about iMovie and I was preferring to get it done in one take so I didn’t have to figure out the editing part. This is the second take, because Brewer was busy squeaking a toy midway through the first one.

So, film. You might not have even noticed that over 98% of the photos on my blog have been film for the last year, but hopefully you notice something is different. Returning to film has been one of the largest impacts of all on my passion for photography. It moves me beyond the click-click-clicking of endless digital space, and it sends me out the door on a Tuesday because I just absolutely must go capture something I woke up thinking about. But that’s what it does for me, and this post is about what it does for YOU.

Enjoy the video? Want more? Eeek… I kinda liked it!

One of the things I do wish I’d touched on is film’s ability to hold highlights where digital does not. For instance, with a bright white wedding gown, film can capture all the intricate details of lace. The minute something is too bright for digital, it “blows out”, meaning it isn’t able to capture any detail at all.

Lastly, and this one’s more for me, to be honest, but film results in much less time behind the computer. While the lab is developing and scanning, they’re working to give me a complete and beautiful photo that I can pass along to you. No need for me to go in for color and tone adjustments on every photo like RAW digital files require. And that means more time out photographing and meeting great people, which is what I love!

Thanks for joining in!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity