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While in Banff

Living in Canmore, Alberta for a month was incredible, and one of my favorite adventures was this camping trip! This is what it looked like on the trip to photograph Maddy & Ryan’s British Columbia wedding :-)

Pulling out of downtown Canmore with our tents and an awesome Boler camper, we had two Canadians, two Kiwis and one American packed in the car. Yep, this is where I lived for the month of August, amazing.

The best road trips involve pit stops like these…

Crossing into British Columbia, we set up camp in the town of Radium. Julie and I were there to work, but it hardly felt that way after a exploring with Maddy and Ryan on their beautiful wedding day. It’s definitely a ton of fun to return to a campfire, cozy shoes and good friends after a big day though!

boler camping in the rockies

And then more fun road-tripping on the way home! I think these guys were just driving any backroads to help me find bears, but we spontaneously [flip-flop] hiked Johnston Canyon as a result!

(it’s me! thanks Julie!)

This last shot wasn’t from the same trip, but a beautiful view over the town of Banff… together with Canmore, this was home sweet home and a fantastic piece of the globe. I highly recommend a visit if you get the chance!

Huge group hug and love to Julie, Adam, Simon and Nicole – thank you for one of the most hysterical weekends of my life! The serenity rocked.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity