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What is journal scripting?

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I’ve been hearing about “scripting” for more than a year now. I honestly didn’t always quite understand what it was, or what it was meant to accomplish, but now that I’m really in the flow of it, I thought I’d take a moment to share this concept with YOU!

First off, journaling can be a wildly inspirational tool in the world of manifestation. It doesn’t need to be a “dear diary” of the things you did over the past 24 hours, but more so a reflection on how you’re growing through your experiences, and a glimpse into the life you are creating around you. 

See, if you simply document where you’ve been, you’re just creating more of the same. Kinda like sitting around complaining about something doesn’t spark true change.

A personal example: I’m experiencing some professional transition this week, and while it could feel frustrating, I’ve only journaled the ways in which it’s providing me an opportunity to speak up, to recognize the value in myself, and to move toward something that is more closely aligned for me. My writing gives me a tangible way to focus on the positive and keep my vibrations high. I feel when I’m starting to falter (spiral into negativity, blame others, etc.), and I can literally see it with my own eyes in time enough to knock it off.

Scripting takes it even a step further. It’s a way to set your eyes on a new horizon – the new experience or path forward that you wish to create. 

It’s a narrative of your success and happiness. Write AS IF something is already true and happily flowing for you – in any aspect of your life. Include your thoughts and feelings, what your surroundings are like, the people you encounter, and the things you hear and see – the more detail the better!

  • Write as if you’re working a day in the perfect job. What does it feel like walking in the door? What are the objects on your desk? Who is sending you an email and what are they saying? 
  • Write as if you’re stepping outdoors to your dream backyard. What does the door actually feel like as it opens, what is the smell that hits your nose? Is your favorite sitting spot in the sun or in a shady nook?
  • Write as if you’re waking up on Sunday morning with the perfect companion. What do you see when you first open your eyes? How does this person’s touch make you feel? 

The key is to let yourself feel the emotion of it. Explore all of your senses in this moment, as if you’re truly scripting the movie. Then close your journal and let it come to you. It may take minutes, it may take years.

Whether you do so every morning, once a week, or maybe every new moon, I definitely encourage you to try out this manifestation technique. If nothing else, you’ll feel yourself get lost in the story for a while with a smile. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know about yourself, and just maybe you’ll realize something isn’t as far off as you’d thought it was. 

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brand + self // connection + curiosity