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Together at the Bar

Becky and Jay are engaged!

A year ago I was frolicking the streets of San Diego with Becky. Okay, so actually I was donning corporate attire and representing one of the top two brands in the world at a conference. Way less cool. But something about San Diego makes me always want to pierce or tattoo something, and my colleague Becky may have been the icing on the cake. I walked out of my meetings one afternoon and walked directly into a piercing studio for a nose ring. I wish I could remember the conservative outfit I must have been wearing, ha! I met up with Becky and her own adorable nose ring later that evening to toast our good cheer/long day. Love this girl!

The nose ring was also a hint of quitting corporate life a couple of months later. It was the perfect juxtaposition in time. Almost a year to the day, I woke up and removed the nose ring – no reason, completely unplanned. My life is now one gigantic career rebellion, perhaps that’s good enough?

Back to the story at hand! Girl walks into a bar, enjoying summertime on Cape Cod, and there was Boy with his pals. Seeing Becky and Jay in person together, there is no doubt in my mind that they are the most PERFECT match for each other. Such an awesome afternoon with you guys! Congrats on all that’s to come!

We scooted out to the beach for a few more photos! So many nooks reminding them of stories with friends in the days they met. Makes for a perfect engagement session, I’d say!

Congratulations to Becky & Jay!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity