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Things are getting personal

The following post is actually one of the emails included in my recent countdown-to-summer marketing series for seasonal business owners; no longer available.

We’re all so busy trying to FIT IN on social media that we forget to share our true selves sometimes. For today, I simply want to encourage you to get personal. And now is the perfect time.

Seek ways to make a connection, to be human.

The next generation won’t be fooled. Gone are the days of glitzy advertising and over-produced video. We all seek connection, and that means with the brands we support as well.

When I tore my knee to shreds, I chose a surgeon who skis. My realtor shares my appreciation for bourbon. More than half of my photography clients come to me because I love dogs. Personal connections count when a dozen other options for your product or service exist.

  1. First, take a peek at your “about us” page on your site. Check in with it, refresh it, make sure your words are getting at the kind of customer you most want to attract. Be sure your name and photo are included.
  2. Second, share a little something real on social media this week. Tell a personal story, introduce a new staff member, let your audience know you are human. You never know when this human-ness will come in handy in the busy season – like when you most need your customers to be understanding. Introduce yourself and your team now, and often.
  3. Lastly, take time to comment back with others. Say thank you, visit your customers’ Instagram profiles (search your location to find them), follow other businesses in your area and wish them well. It’s important to not simply broadcast your wares, but also to LISTEN.

Focus on one-to-one marketing rather than one-to-many.

Name your ideal customer, look her in the imaginary eye, and say hi. Ask her what you can do to help lift her up, and she’ll lift you up in return.

It’s a simple one to start. Enjoy!

PS: Some prompts to get you started on a social media post!

  • The top 5 things you didn’t know (about me/us)
  • Our favorite things to do in the off-season
  • Three things that may surprise you (about me/us)
  • Behind-the-scenes ways we’re preparing for the summer ahead
  • One simple Q+A to share the personal interests of a new staff member
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brand + self // connection + curiosity