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The handmade gift

I recently received the most adorable gift from October bride Jen, and it just gave me an even warmer smile to know that she made something for me with her own hands.

I love that there is an ever-present trend in returning to a hand-made lifestyle. Etsy took the lead on this cool-factor by far, giving amazing artists and crafters the chance to shine across a much larger network of peers. Ravelry is just about the coolest darned thing to ever happen to the knitting/crocheting world, and it certainly contributed to my own current knitting addiction. And more recently, Pinterest has been filled with a gorgeous layout of many handmade ideas being shared around the world (caution, do not click that link unless you have a few extra hours to spare today).

What are you making with your own two hands these days?

Thanks for the slippers, Jen!

handmade wedding gift

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brand + self // connection + curiosity