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The Bikes of Lucca, Italy

It has been an amazing two weeks in Tuscany so far, and a couple more to go!

Julie and I have explored so many nooks and crannies of Florence, but I’m sure we’ll stumble upon so many more. We’ve hopped on the local trains to Siena, Lucca and an incredible antiques fair in Arezzo. I’ve been capturing film photos (my fav!) the whole way through, but here are some digital to tie you over – some of the awesome bikes along the roadside in Lucca!

We’re WILDLY posting to Instagram, of course, you can check out Julie’s blog for more weekly coverage!

What have we learned so far?

1. It’s all espresso, all the time, and you shoot it while standing. If you want to sit down, you gotta pay more. If you want booze in it, it comes with a free smile too.

2. The real Italian leather should be bought in the local shops, not the street vendors. I mean, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that… but take it from a girl who sniffs out whatever costs the most, without fail. Also, don’t pack a purse or boots… just buy ’em when you get here.

3. Chances are good that the shops who pile their gelato high don’t actually make it themselves. But don’t worry, we’ve found the good ones :-) Favorite flavors so far are “cookies” and “black sesame”.

4. Don’t even think of picking out your own produce – tell the shop owner that you’d like a head of lettuce, and he/she will pick it out for you. *slap*

5. It seems “polite” in Italy to leave your table with wine still left in the carafe. We North Americans consider it rude, so we might try to steal a carafe from the next table while the waitstaff isn’t looking. Kidding! So far…

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brand + self // connection + curiosity