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The Beech Tree in Hyannis

I keep forgetting that I can share editorial work with you once the magazine has been published!

In one of my favorite shoots to date, Cape Cod Life magazine asked me to photograph the Beech Tree on Main Street in Hyannis. The tree is over 200 years old – you can read more about its history in the full article HERE.

The tree is magestically large, yet hidden down a cozy alley. Having grown up on Cape Cod, I’ve seen this tree go through a few transitions, my favorite being when “The Beech Tree” bar set up beneath the branches. It was a great outdoor spot, and only outdoors, but I hear good things are to come for a new restaurant soon!

I actually visited the tree three or four times while waiting for it to bloom this spring. I was very close to deadline on this, but I think it was worth it, don’t you?

At the time I was there, Siobhan Magnus was a huge hit in the final weeks of American Idol. This is actually her father’s glass blowing studio, where Siobhan is an apprentice. Since the show, I’ve noticed they are opening an additional storefront right out on the main drag too. Oh, Fame.

Too many photos, sorry! Have you ever visited this tree? I talked to many folks who never even knew it was there. Is there a story behind an old tree in your town?

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brand + self // connection + curiosity