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September Favorites

No lie, September is THE best month of the year on Cape Cod. October is a close second. Which probably helps to explain the revolving door of guests we’ve had over the last five weeks, and still going!

You know we’ve had photographer guests coming in from all over the country, but I finished the month out by traveling to San Francisco and Sonoma to be a photographer guest of my own! Actually, five of us women photographers flew in, rented a house, sipped wine, and captured photos for fun for five days… it was fantastic!

September! The dogs are welcome back to the beaches, but alas, our newest addition broke his leg in puppy klutziness :-( I’ve been returning to yoga… and dressing like a homeless person again (Gary loves that). So I thought I’d throw in some California waves to prove that I do know how to leave the house.

So many rainbows this month! I saw my first full rainbow from end to end, and then a double above it!

Thought I’d share some eco-sweet make-up names for you from my consultation with wedding artist Emma Josselyn: Alima Pure mineral make-up is made with the kindness of a mother when her teenage daughter wanted to start wearing make-up. I’m shocked that Dr. Hauschka lipstick doesn’t seem to ever dry my lips, and you can top it with a lovely Tallulah lip gloss to customize your own color blend. I’m absolutely not a make-up expert, but I do love knowing I’m putting gentle, earthly things on my skin.

And last, a photo of my girls! Stockholm photographer, Alicia Swedenborg, just moved to NYC for the year – so close! Kristen Wood (our Cali host) and I go back in a few directions, from my month in Banff and a film workshop in Miami. And Melissa Schollaert has been a longtime friend online, so happy to finally squeeze her in person! Also joining us in her hometown was Christina McNeill!

Hope you had a wonderful month too, fast as it was, and that your October is shaping up nicely :-)

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brand + self // connection + curiosity