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Remembering Why I Blog

Thanks to my friend Desiree for pointing me to this week’s blog post from Decor8, about the current and future status of blogging.

“Let us all remember WHY we started blogging, and consider what you can bring, but also consider that people love YOU and what YOU are doing and saying. And they want more of that. More of YOU. What you REALLY love, what you are doing, what makes you tick.”

Truth is, I’ve struggled to keep up the motivation to blog, and with the new year and the Decor8 article, I think I’m realizing why. I originally started a blog for MY wedding, just like many of you! Once our wedding came and went, I continued writing, enjoyed the sharing, grew in my learning of blogging and social media, and eventually brought all of this knowledge into my career in marketing strategy. It was only through a blog contest at my PR agency in 2009 that I ever took the plunge into a photography business!

Even still, I was blogging from the heart – sharing not only my clients’ photos and stories, but my own as well. I need to get back to that. Maybe a blog post about coffee – or, let’s be straight, bourbon – will turn off a reader or two, but I have always believed my online transparency to be the biggest factor in how much I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients! We love dogs, we shop local, we spend time by the ocean AND the mountains, we finally just got to pull out our Bean Boots for the winter… and we always end up as friends!

cape cod beach photo

My biggest New Years resolution for 2016 is to bring a real camera with me everywhere! I’m obsessed with Instagram and “iPhoneography,” sure (above is admittedly iPhone), but I want to be better about keeping my real camera close. Not even my film cameras, but being able to enjoy and share my [digital] perspective on a more frequent basis. I hope to see you more around here!

And yes, if you follow me anywhere else on the web, you know I’m a true Gemini with my toes dipped in a LOT of different pools. I have a running brand, I’m a yoga teacher, I photograph dogs, and I’ve maintained a corporate marketing background as well. That’s just some of what makes me who I am! That, and the bourbon.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity