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Planning a Green Wedding

eco conscious wedding on cape codWhile we’re on the subject of handmade gifts, I thought I’d dedicate this post to a similar subject that is important to me – ways to host an eco-friendly wedding day!

There are beautiful venues who specialize in eco-conscious weddings from start to finish, but there are plenty of little things you can do no matter what your plans. From recycled invitation materials, to locally-sourced foods, to handmade touches for your bridal party. One of my first and favorite experiences in this area was a Vermont wedding where a friend found unique wine glasses throughout the yard-sale season so that every glass on her wedding day was different. These glasses also served as favors for the guests.

A few blogs to check out for a focus on eco-conscious wedding inspiration!

  • Green Wedding (photo to the left) – helping to link to vendors of the most Green wedding details, also for purchase
  • Eco-Beautiful Weddings – also a magazine, the latest posts sharing ideas for shoes, dresses, DIY favors and photos from recent weddings
  • Earth Friendly Wedding – looking to make hand-made ring pillows or source some gorgeous green invitations?
  • Eco-Chic Weddings – ideas for shoes, dresses and more! Also the source of The Book on Eco-Chic Weddings.

One of the best ways to bring a special green touch to your wedding day is to include handmade details. Are you a knitter, or do you enjoy working with paper? Does someone in your family like to make jam that you can jar as favors? Do you have a friend who likes to make jewelry? Maybe it’s even time to try a class and learn something new!

Even if you don’t, I hope you know about – the most incredible source for all things handmade and vintage! (think wood carving, vintage maps, modern flasks, custom jewelry) You may have never thought you’d have custom-made details in your day, but Etsy makes it fun and easy. One of my good friends has even sourced her wedding gown and rings for her special day.

Think also about the area you’re getting married in. What are the locals known for? Perhaps there’s a great wood-making company or an active honey bee population. Don’t forget to grab your wine and beer from a local company too!

More tips on greening up your wedding day can be found at the Green Bride Guide, or locals might want to attend the Elegantly Green Wedding Showcase this May in Boston.

I’d love to hear from you if you have some awesome Green wedding elements in mind for your own wedding or wedding clients!

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