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Have you checked out yet?

It’s an amazing way to bookmark the things you love across the web, in a beautiful image format that’s fun to share with friends. I’m finding it incredibly useful for my own inspiration, but craaazy perfect for my brides-to-be! Create different boards for your dress, your flowers, your table decor, your invitations and more. AND share those back with your photographer or planner!

Below is a glimpse of one of my favorite boards, where I’m collecting images of different portrait session ideas. Definitely no khaki pants and white shirts here ;-) I love to do my together-sessions in a way that represents what you might normally do together on a Sunday morning… just with a camera along!

There are also boards for holiday decorating, cooking, favorite clothing styles and pretty much anything you could want!

Come find me on Pinterest and I’ll follow you back! Happy Pinning!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity