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Photographer Road Trip

One of the most wonderful things about launching my own photography endeavors over the last couple of years has absolutely been the incredible new friendships made along the way!

I figured there would be some competitive wall that prevents photographers from being friends, but I quickly learned that there’s no need for that. I’m sure some photographers are still pent up in a corner, editing entire weddings without a drop of wine (gah, imagine!) or interaction, but I’ve enjoyed a warm and welcoming network of friends across New England. Thanks in particular to Twitter, the best damn networking tool on the planet right now, I’ve met photographers to shoot with, florists to collaborate with, coordinators to style with, and even filmmakers to ski with! Actually, the other night about 12 of us met up in Boston for sangria, and even stationers and jewelers joined in!

It’s so amazing to know that these friends will share ideas any night of the week, and even more so, that we’ll cover for each other the minute any need arises. Another bonus for is that if one of us is booked, we know who best to refer a bride to based on the vibe of her wedding. In short, I love us!

This Saturday, Brea McDonald, Meredith Perdue, Alexandra Roberts and I all met on the mutual ground of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Just a fun afternoon of eating, sipping and shooting in the snow.

Brea (left), Meredith (right) and Alex (below):

A few of us also brought film cameras, ’cause these are the things photographers do to entertain themselves in the “off-season”. I had my mom’s old Canon T70, here seen with Alex and Meredith. We’ll see what the film comes out like (eek!), but I look forward to experimenting more!

We ate lunch at the Friendly Toast, and finished the day warming up at Portsmouth Brewery. So glad my local friend Jessica was able to join us as well!

It was supposed to be about 8 degrees, but we were pretty warm in the day’s sunshine. Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon, my friends!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity