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Our own Vermont winter wedding

It’s random for me to post on our six-year anniversary… It’s not a very momentous year, but since it fell on a Saturday, it seemed all the more fun to us!

Our wedding took place at the West Mountain Inn in Arlington, Vermont, on January 29, 2005. I grew up on Cape Cod, which is kind of a mecca of wedding productions, but Gary and I had met in Vermont after college and decided on doing something totally different. Our parents weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of an outdoor ceremony in the middle of winter, but somehow I was always really at ease with this. We rented out the entire Inn and planned a three day weekend of festivities for our closest friends and family!

Our wedding pre-dated my own experience in the wedding industry (unless you count all those bridesmaid dresses). 2005 was right around when digital photography was becoming popular, but at the same time, we struggled to find someone who wasn’t afraid to shoot with digital sensor equipment outside in the the cold. In walked Ian Mackenzie with a background in ski photography and a pro-snowboarder wife!

Ian joined us in the morning as the girls each learned to make their own flower clusters for my bouquet. Julane of Flowers Flowers was so fun to work with!

vermont winter wedding

Meanwhile, the boys were back at the Inn reading instructions for how to tie a bow tie.

winter ceremony in the mountains

Gary (center) with his brother Eric and buddy Pete. Pete introduced himself as “Cupid” in his toast, because he is the sole reason Gary and I got together. Twice.

groomsmen in winter

These are my girls, Heather and Carrie!

As I walked down the outdoor aisle, my high school girlfriends handed me those clusters to make a larger bouquet (looking sharp, mom & dad!).

bride winter weddinggroom winter wedding

Our Congregational minister told an adorable story about Eskimos…

wedding ceremony in the snowwinter ceremony vermontoutdoor winter wedding in vermont

My mom made our cake, but don’t tell her I told you so. This was the big beautiful end to her cake-decorating career. She made many cakes as a hobby throughout my younger years, but she’s a super perfectionist and never really enjoyed the stress. I’m so happy she did this for our special day though. Each tier was a different flavor of cake, with the top being the most moist in order to last a year in the freezer! For the record, I had nothing to do with those holiday decorations…

And I swear this room was actually quite gorgeous and Inn-like, despite the awkward curtain I’m now noticing in the back corner, ha!

Thank you so much for capturing our day for us, Ian, and for wearing the most perfect ski sweater for the day!  Looking back, the only thing I would have done differently is to have had you join for the rehearsal bonfire as well!

We spent our honeymoon at Hotel Punta Islita in Costa Rica – hugely recommend!

Happy Anniversary, mi esposo!

Favors: jams made by Grandma

Girls’ jewelry: made my friend Kimberly

Placecards: written by friend Chrissy

…And just because I have them here (I KNEW there was a reason!), here are a few photos I took this morning of our invitations, save-the-date and program. I hand-wrote these suckers myself, going for the handmade feeling all around. I used all Paper-Source paper products, and found heart-shaped brads and pinecone + snowflake stamps on my own.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity