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Not knowing at all what’s to come

Since the start of a new decade back in January, I’ve been embracing the idea of not knowing at all what’s next to come. It took half my life and some hearty months of introspection to get there, and then almost immediately I was asked to call upon that intention for real.

Work travel, natural disasters, global pandemics and the suffering of our planet tossed me around these past few months. I definitely didn’t know what was coming next from day to day. I boarded a plane and applied for the visa on my layover. I didn’t always know where I was sleeping, several times booking an Airbnb from my phone while standing on the street with my bags. I wore work pants out of the dressing room of a rural country store before heading into a burned-out forest.

snow falling on stacked wood in vermont

I’m a spontaneous woman with a plan. As with the above, I’m at my best when you call text me with an idea or adventure right as you’re pulling into my driveway to take me there. But I do like an overall momentum to life. I like to know I’m moving forward, not backward. That I’ll continue to be inspired, not stagnant. That every person who comes into my life is intentional, and that every job I do is guiding me to learn something. 

We’re all living in a next-normal right now. We didn’t plan this, and we don’t exactly know what comes next. Sometimes it feels like we’re all sitting home in our pajamas waiting to find out something that other people are deciding for us. We’re waiting to be told what to do. Whom to follow. When it will be okay for us to hug our loved ones again.

It’s true we do have to await some of those bigger decisions, but not in our own lives. How have you been putting your own life on pause these past weeks, months or even years? How will you step out into the world when all of this is over? 

That’s right, I mean beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. What other things have you been holding for? The kids, financial stability, to lose weight, a new website, someone else to finally recognize your accomplishments at work?

Or maybe all of this quality time at home has meant you ARE doing the thing. Maybe you picked up those old knitting needles or wrote a poem. Maybe you finally texted that boy you’ve been thinking about (true story from a friend!). 

Maybe this crazy time will help us all to embrace the not knowing. We don’t know what comes next. Was it really all that great the way it was, or is there an opportunity to come out better than we ever were before?

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brand + self // connection + curiosity