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New York Public Library on film

…And here are a few film captures from my recent trip to New York City with my friend Cindy. I needed to be in New York for a couple of evening meetings, but I managed to work from the incredible New York Public Library during the day. I’m not sure “incredible” even does this place justice. Is it cool if I just go ahead and say I have a New York-based office now? I’m swanky.

While in the City, I needed to meet with both a bride and a fellow photographer. This turned into one of those beautiful evenings where the stars just aligned and a wonderful group of women came together! I had Cindy with me, Julie Williams came along with her sister Amy, and Petra – the bride and also an dear college friend – joined to meet us all for a scrumptious dinner in the East Village! I seriously did not want the night to end, and contemplated how I could re-create the whole thing the next day. Thankfully, I will be back in the city for a couple of engagement shoots soon!

As for Julie? Well we’ve got something brewing that I’ll share with you soon, but thus far we’ve only been chatting via e-mail. I’m so psyched we were able to meet in person on the East Coast!

Check out my new office…


And this French bakery is my new water cooler.

mexican restaurant in new york city

This was a quick trip, down on the train one morning and back the next evening. I’ve always done the City by train and love it that way. Thanks for joining on the adventure, Cindy!

Canon 1V, Kodak Portra 400

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brand + self // connection + curiosity