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New Years 2017

New Years is deeeefinitely my favorite day of the year. I mean, 4th of July is my favorite holiday, but on January 1st, I love nothing more than to curl up with some quiet time and a notebook. How ‘bout you?

The thing is, New Years is almost always preceded by New Years Eve, and that’s the kind of holiday when we all party and rage with friends or even strangers until the wee hours of the morning. This fun-but-predictable ritual results in a groggy start to the fresh new year.

We are heading up to spend an awesome weekend with friends at Jay Peak in northern Vermont this New Years 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited! Snow, fresh mountain air, laughter – can’t beat it! But I’m already setting some physical and mental space aside for my notebooks, pens and quiet time! Actually, when everyone else is swooshing down the slopes on New Years Day, I plan to be hiking UP the 4000-foot peak of Big Jay by myself (unless someone wants to join me, which is totally great too!). Sounds like a pretty great way to start the year, if I may say so!

journaling for new years resolutionsSome other great New Years essentials:

Notebook: I’m a huge Moleskine fan and recently acquired the perfect shade of navy blue by Leuchtturm from a bookstore in Moscow. I also can’t let go of a unique paint-splashed journal I found at Adorn last winter. The question remains: lined, graph, dots, blank paper? Do you write more, do you draw, do you draw in a straight line or all over the paper? I do all of the above, and I like to add some clippings and quotes using other mediums when I can.

Pens: The coolest options can be found at Goulet Pens. I love following along on their Instagram, and I’m always wanting to buy their pen collections as gifts. I must have also told you about these gel pens from Japan that you can erase?

Vision Boarding: I mean, of course I’ve heard of vision boards before, but it seems to be quite a trendy thing right now. I googled it to see what the latest was. The Huffington Post says “If you think vision boards are bogus, then the joke’s on you,” sooooo, I’m in. They also suggest your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. I highly recommend this quick read. I’m actually very excited to implement this in my 2017!

Tarot Cards: I get it now, why these whimsical cards are also trending. I heard Anthropologie was selling the same pack I have in their stores: The Wild Unknown. You can check out’s list of 10 Tarot Decks to Add to Your Holiday Wish List. The general rule here is that there are no rules. Pull a card out in the morning to help guide you through your day or a big decision, or dig deeper into the techniques for full readings. Overall, it’s just like a Magic-8-Ball, and it’s all up to your own interpretation – which it turns out can be extreeeemely valuable!

Anyway, I wish you the absolute best as you welcome your New Year 2017 this weekend! Find a little balance (drink water) along the way and celebrate where you are in this wild and beautiful life!
tarot cards and resolutions for new years

Bonus tip: Treat each Monday as a fresh new start as well! Mondays can be pretty amazing!

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