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New Orleans Wedding of Angela + Peter

I was so excited with Angela and Peter invited me down for their New Orleans wedding this November!

Such a city of character and vibrance, of course New Orleans is a gorgeous place to be married – and a gorgeous place to photograph! It was a destination wedding for all, as they’re living in New York City these days. Their ceremony took place at Dijon, followed by ice-cream for a cocktail party (dessert first!), and dinner at nearby Cochon. The weather was perfect, and their love so giggley. Congratulations Angela and Peter!!

Angela MADE HER OWN DRESS…. incredible. She’s finishing up design school in Manhattan, and how cool to be able to say you designed your own gown.

It wouldn’t have been a New Orleans wedding without the King Cake, and the Saints playing football around every corner!

I absolutely love traveling for weddings! New surroundings, new sounds in the background, and so much inspiration! Thank you to the wonderful people of New Orleans for your hospitality!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity