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Meg Simone Wedding Films

I have been thinking of ways to showcase some of my favorite talent in the wedding industry, and today seems like a good day to start!

I think of these vendors as my team. I mentioned a while back, that one of the coolest moments in a wedding day for me happens before I even leave the house. As I’m showering, packing my bags, pulling all the various batteries off their chargers, and eating a good hearty meal, I love thinking about all the other vendors who are filled with the anticipation of your wedding day. The floral team, the band or DJ, the coordinators and caterers – we all wake up with butterflies, peeking outside to check the weather, triple-checking everything we need to do. And we’re all doing this for YOU! Many vendor teams may not have even met you, but we’re all invested in making this the best day of your life. How awesome is that?!

When we come together on your day, we’re an instant team. We shake hands, give the nod across a room, alert each other to any issues, and even smile in thanks as the caterers sneak us an appetizer (shhhh!).

The teammate I’d like to introduce you to today is Meg Simone, of Meg Simone Wedding Films. If you’re a fan on Facebook, then you will have already seen this film of our winter camping trip, along with photographer Brea McDonald. It’s true – we are all great friends – but our friendships started by working together and that itself says something great about the wedding industry!

[xr_video id=”6184125317524087976607f9d2a9906d” size=”md”]

This March, Meg was named one of EventDV‘s Top 25 Hottest Event Filmmakers in the World! (thankfully, the video was shot in February, so I have proof that she “knew me back when”…) She’s one of the most down-to-earth women I know, and so thoughtful in her interactions as she truly gets to know everyone she meets. She inspires and motivates me, just by taking the time to chat about our ideas for life and for business. I can honestly say, I’ve never hung up the phone with Meg without a huge smile across my face.

Meg is based in the NH White Mountains, but frequently travels for weddings throughout New England and beyond.

A few questions with Meg Simone (she answered them all!)…

(Q) What is your one big indulgence right now?

My indulgence only comes with completing tasks. I have a rewards jar that Brea actually gave me, that sits on my desk and inside it are various kinds of chocolate treats. I love the feeling of accomplishing a big edit and then getting to open the jar for a snack when I complete major goals during the week.

(Q) What’s your favorite moment in a wedding day? Why?

I love when a parent sees their child for the first time in wedding attire. I think that’s one of the big moments when they recognize that this is really happening, and that they are that much closer to moving up a branch on the family tree. As people grow up and have major milestones in life like this, it forces other generations in the family to face their own mortality because they too move up in ranks. I know that sounds a bit depressing, but I think it’s actually one of the more emotional times of the day. I love a good toast. You know, the kind that has the guests laughing and crying all in the same minute. Toasts that tell stories of the couple. I totally get caught up in the emotion of it all!

(Q) Tell us about one little extra step you take for your clients that we may not see from the outside.

For anyone celebrating in the White Mountains of NH, or at any venue I have been at for that matter, I typically end up sending them (if they are interested) clips to other weddings at that venue that are not on my site. It’s been extremely helpful for those planning from a distance to really get an idea of what a location looks like during the different seasons. It’s helped people choose the time of day to get married based on the lighting in the room, it’s helped people visualize what a space can look like. I have a lot of local knowledge about vendors and inside tips from living and working here for so long. I don’t just try to secure the booking and get them off the phone, I want to make each couple feel like a local if they aren’t from here, and I want to make sure if they ask for live band suggestions that I can deliver 5 different video clips to go along with reviews.

(Q) What does Monday morning look like for you?

It can either be total chaos or super quiet. I love to put my auto responder on Monday mornings and turn off the internet to just concentrate on editing. Chances are it starts with a bowl of one of these yummy hot cereals; oatmeal, cream of buckwheat, or cream of rice, topped with walnuts, bananas, raisins and made with Living Harvest hemp milk. It is SO good! And Gluten Free for those who need it.

(Q) If you started a blog on any one subject besides your business, what subject would you choose?

Sportsmobile Ski Trips… no-no, that would be too much fun…. Probably something to do with off the beaten path travel spots, complete with videos and trip itineraries you could download.

(Q) Where would you “trash the dress” yourself?

That’s a tough one because I think I only own one dress. I maybe own two. Trashing them would mean I would have to go shopping for a new one the next time I need a dress, and lets just say shopping isn’t on my “top 10 list of favorite things to do”…. I totally stress out.

(Q) Tell us about the moment you realized you were going to turn your passion into a business.

July 4th 2008 – my independence day! We had friends from CA in town, they had recently lost a son in the war. I was super depressed and over-worked trying to balance two extremely full time jobs, the light bulb finally went off. It was the ultimate tipping point being surrounded by those people at that exact moment in life. I finally got it and was ready for the change. I realized I had to follow my passion and MY own dreams. Life is way to short to play by others rules.

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