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Liberty Park Together-Session

Jen and Rich are my cousins. Actually, Jen is my husband’s cousin, and Rich is marrying her (smart move). We’re family :-)

I don’t have a ton (any) family of my own really, so I’ve fallen madly in love with having closer ties on my in-laws’ side. The three adult siblings have stayed close throughout the years as their families grew. They come together for every Thanksgiving and Christmas, and visit with each other a few other times throughout the year. For us younger cousins it’s a little less regular. It feels like a quick couple of hours passing in the winter, where we politely catch up on everything that happened the last ten months. We have a great time and incredible food, but then it’s soon time to pack up and go again.

When Jen and Rich announced their engagement, I was immediately excited about having a non-winter reason to hang out. It got even better when they asked me to be their photographer! But I couldn’t have imagined what followed on a weekend visit to their home in Jersey City…

Are they not just gorgeous together? I’d love to get all mushy about their love and marriage, but instead I’m gonna get mushy about OUR love for THEM! We had so much fun getting to know Jen and Rich – casual, candid, and with no deadlines. We visited Brooklyn Brewery, entertained ourselves in Manhattan traffic, saw a Cirque du Soleil show at Radio City, and had brunch overlooking the Statue of Liberty. It didn’t matter where we went, though, because we just enjoyed the laughter and realization that we have so much in common!

The best thing about being across the water from Manhattan is actually being able to SEE Manhattan! When you’re on the city streets, it’s harder to take in how amazing it really is.

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We can’t wait to celebrate with Jen and Rich on their October wedding day in Connecticut. And to start making many more plans with them in the future. Love you guys!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity