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Laura + Dean on film

Things are getting crazy busy around here, but I managed to blog Laura and Dean’s Nantucket wedding before getting the film scans back from the lab. I wanted to share just a few with you, because I’m loving the milkiness of film-captured wedding gowns :-)

designer wedding gown by monique lhuillier

nantucket wedding in siasconset

Fuji Pro 400H, rated at 200 ISO.

If you weren’t following along this winter, I pulled out some old and new film equipment over the slower season. Digital photography is incredible, and has allowed many of us to grow and learn at a very fast pace. But film is coming back – scratch that – it IS back, and I’m entirely guilty of jumping on the trend!

I promised myself I’d shoot at least one roll at each wedding this year, and I can see this increasing more and more. There’s just something so authentic about clicking the shutter and hearing the film wind. I feel like I can *see* through the lens deeper. Film makes me think. It makes me wait and observe.

What changes for my clients? Pretty much nothing, except the added benefit of some gorgeous, milky film photos added to their collection. These photos are scanned electronically and included in your online gallery, and you will receive proof prints in the mail with your disk of images. If you choose to order proper film prints from these negatives, I’ll send them to the most reputable lab in the country.

I’m pretty much in love. As the busy season gets busier, and [truth be told] even photographers get tired of taking photos, I still feel so inspired to grab my film camera every time we head out the door. I’ve photographed waves and buildings, even the mint plant in our back yard. I’ve been photographing our dog Brewer again, which is how I ever entered into this business in the first place. Just yesterday I loaded some black + white film into my Canon 1V camera, and I can’t wait to see the results!

I hope you enjoy!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity