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Julie + Adam in Canmore

Greetings from almost a full month of travel in the Rocky Mountains!

After a Hedman family wedding in Denver, Colorado this August, we headed up toward Banff National Park in Canada and spent a fantastic week exploring this gorgeous land. When my husband Gary departed for home that week, I stayed behind and again buckled down to work a pretty normal schedule – albeit from entirely distracting surroundings!

I found Julie of Julie Williams Photography online before I came here, but ya’ know I really can’t even remember how. What I do know is that she captured photos at Banff’s Moraine Lake around the same week that my parents did while RVing last summer, and I instantly knew that I had to find my way to this amazing place!

As soon as I arrived, Julie started introducing me to the local network of photographers, and it turns out I’m now assisting with a total of seven weddings with three different photographers! AMAZING! But first, I want to introduce you to Julie herself, and Adam, the man she plans to marry  next week!

Kind of a ham in front of the camera, wouldn’t ya say? Adam, we so appreciate you going along with the fun!

These two are an amazing couple, and I could have just fallen in love with them solely through the story of their bush-party wedding plans. I’m such a sucker for the adventurous and outdoorsy wedding locations. Lucky enough for me, I’ll be there in person now!

Julie, I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me in and sharing your community and backdrop with me! It has been absolutely incredible already, and still with the biggest excitement yet to come! I wish you and Adam a long lifetime of laughter, support, encouragement and love. Gary and I will forever be grateful to have you as friends.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity