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Editorial with Jennifer Morgan

During the busy season, it’s honestly all I can do to keep up with blogging the latest and greatest. I cringe at the awesomeness of some of the shoots you still haven’t seen from 2011! It’s coming :-) But what also occurred to me, when speaking with a friend this week, is that I never really share my editorial work! Yes, I have a healthy “side business” working for some local magazines and businesses. And I absolutely love this type of work!

To give you some background, I typically spend either a half-day or full-day engaged with my editorial subjects on-site, whether at their home or business, or wherever their passion in life takes them. I’ve worked with artists, breweries, museums, gift shops, furniture makers, a fishing rod company, an original member of Jim Henson’s Muppet crew, local inns, and even a model railroad club.

While this is somewhat different from wedding and event photography, my passion remains on the storytelling. I’m spending time learning about these locals and what’s important to them, and helping to convey that story that they’re creating around them. That’s how I treat a wedding day! So maybe I’ll start sharing a bit more of this here with you on the blog.

Below are a few photos from a Cape Cod Home shoot with artist Jennifer Morgan, who built and designed her own amazing home and studio in Harwich, MA.

Thank you for a beautiful afternoon, Jennifer – so nice getting to know you!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity