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Graham + Tatiana at Broadturn Farm

Graham and Tatiana  – the fantastic couple you met from Brooklyn – celebrated their marriage in Scarborough, Maine this September, at goooorgeous Broadturn Farm.

Broadturn Farm grows their own flowers and supplies these bountiful blooms to the weddings both at their own site and for other local Maine weddings.

All papergoods were designed by the happy couple themselves… and WOW. So perfect in every way.

It’s okay that I took a photo of the beautiful bathroom, right?

Graham and Tatiana incorporated a little visit out to the barn to visit the resident dairy cow with a bunch of their guests in tow. Then it was time to slap on some aprons and for the bride and groom to serve up dessert to all! Desserts provided by loving family and friends, amazing!

Graham and Tatiana, you guys are two of the most fun and thoughtful people I’ve met this year, and I hope we always keep in touch! Thanks for showing me around your hometown Brooklyn and introducing me to a wonderful group of your friends and family! What an amazing locally-sourced wedding day in Maine!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity