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Gifting your New England Bridal Party

Looking for fun ideas to gift your bridesmaids and groomsmen?

As we’re gearing up for another amazing wedding season, I thought I’d share some of the fun ideas coming out of New England these days! I love seeing the creativity, and of course photographing it too!

Personally, I’m in love with the idea of a gift bag or custom box for the day… include your own little details such as nail polish, a cute nail care kit, mints, a pretty cosmetic mirror, a wine bottle opener, maybe some homemade trail mix! Add some soothing bubble bath or a candle to help them relax after all their hard work! The guys could use a flask or a personalized money clip, snacks, mints, a beer coozie, and even a nail care kit of their own (you’re welcome, ladies)!

More common is to gift things your bridal party will wear on that day, such as cuff links, purses, jewelry, a tie, or shawl. But what else? Will the girls need matching wellies in case of rain? Maybe the guys need radically colorful socks or a cool hat that can be part of the day! Or some trendy sunglasses!

Another idea is local artwork, a print for the wall that will remind them of a great weekend they took part in. Many unique and custom styles can be found on Etsy. Have you checked out JHill Design, from right nearby in Boston but with prints from all over the world?

And DIY! These ladies were still knitting on the morning of Michele & Kevin’s wedding… love it!

knitting wedding shawl photo

Some local companies in New England!

I’ve been curating a little collection of ideas on my Pinterest page too, come follow along for many more ideas! : Bridal Party Gift Ideas


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