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Garden Exploration

We were visiting the in-laws in southern Vermont this past weekend. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than having half of our family on Cape Cod and the other half in Vermont! The best of both worlds indeed!

I’d say I was a bit under the weather on this particular weekend, but the weather was pretty “under” itself. It made for some cozy time around the home and yard that is always bursting with growth and colors this time of year.

There is SO much to explore throughout the yard… I imagine it’s an incredible playground for all the little baby birds chirping from the bird houses!

Any time you need an herb, they’re just a step out the back door!

Little creatures everywhere, basking in the sunshine or tucked among the rain-covered leaves.

Thanks for taking this little journey with me! I hope you’re off to a gorgeous outdoor weekend of your own today!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity