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Feeling the Holiday Spirit

The holidays don’t usually inspire me to pull out a box of red and green sparkle and decorate the house. Sure, we get a Christmas tree – in fact, we have started a new tradition of chopping one down from a farm in Vermont each Thanksgiving! About every other year we even find time to put lights up outside the home too! When it comes to lights, I’m all about the white… I’m pretty sure the man of the house would prefer rainbow colors.

But “time” is often the issue… if the spirit doesn’t grab you within the first week of December, you’re just one week closer to having to put it all away again.

We own two nativity sets, one that is all dog characters of course. We have candles and garland and snowmen and reindeer. We have over a dozen of those I-don’t-know-what-you-call-ems that you can get at craft stores and craft fairs… decorations in the shape of sleds and stars and mittens, with sweet little holiday sayings on them. All of that stuff usually sits in the basement right on through the month of December.

But NOT THIS YEAR!! This year I’m all about CHRISTMAS!

christmas decorations on cape cod

(no, this is not my home, ha ha ha! I didn’t go that far)

What the heck happened? Well I think I kinda missed the holiday season last year because I took on more than I could handle. This year I’ve got deadlines and an organized to-do list – and I’m practicing the art of saying no to adding more. Somewhere between chopping down the tree and the night there was nothing on television other than old, cheesy Christmas movies, I have officially found my Christmas spirit!

I’m listening non-stop to the perfectly compiled Christmas music station from Pandora Radio! My favorite candles are burning in the house, such as Sparkling Snow and Sparkling Pine from Yankee Candle.

I’ve even found some peppermint flavor of my own this year, because it’s the only thing that ever draws me into a Starbucks every December (I will always walk farther for a local coffee roaster :-).

When it comes to gifts, I’m checking out these unique ways to green-up my gift wrapping even more this year – love the light bulb idea! And I’m aiming to wrap only handmade gifts, found either at my local Boston Handmade artisan shop, knit myself, or on – check out this holiday collection from my friend Emily: In the Spirit!

I may even get a few more of those decorations out of the box.

Happy December 1st everyone! Who’s with me?

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brand + self // connection + curiosity