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Dual-living: Cape Cod and Vermont

I’ve been a proud Gemini all my life. Whether you wanna call it versatile or indecisive, I’m always loving both sides of the coin.

  • Bluegrass and hip-hop
  • REI and Sephora
  • Introvert and extrovert
  • Cozy knitting or a journal, and the expanding lungs of outdoor adventure

…mountains and the ocean

Our marriage feels like a perfectly arranged marriage, in the sense that I brought the Cape Cod and he brought the Vermont. We’re both equally at home by the ocean or in the mountains.

For the last eight weeks, we’ve spent our Monday through Thursday work-life on Cape Cod, and dashed up to Vermont every Thursday night through Sunday evening. We bought a mountain getaway in the middle of ski season, and we’ve lived it up! Thankfully, both of us are able to work really well from “home” on Fridays, wherever that home may be.

It doesn’t feel like a “vacation home” and a “primary residence”… it’s dual-living. Bi-coastal without the coast. The New York Times calls it “splitting.” Without realizing it, I’ve sorta made this thing a habit. There was that one time I moved to Banff for a month and never even told my job. Then a friend and I rented an apartment in Italy while continuing to run our photography businesses. Most recently I spent a month in South Africa while working my current job, all permission granted ;-) Life on the move is fun – and actually pretty easy if your job and family allows.

southern vermont ski house

Having been asked this my entire life, I still find it hard to answer the question of where our other home is. No one believed me when I said I lived on Cape Cod throughout my teen and college years, but we weren’t rich. We didn’t have ocean views or a boat. We didn’t head back to the Boston suburbs every September. So it’s awkward now, admitting that we have two homes, and I find myself always adding the disclaimer that “I grew up there” or “he grew up there.”

But I’m vowing to get better at owning this fantastic story of ours, because everything in my/our particular lives has brought us to this point. From childhood camping trips, to college admissions, to our own wedding and those of my clients… This blog and my online bios have always said “Cape Cod + Southern Vermont” at the top. It was always in the works – thank you, universe!

The river of life is flowing as it should, and I’m lifting my toes to the surface, along for the ride. No matter where you’re at right now, the good and the bad, I believe you’re on the right path too. Enjoy the float!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity