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Crosby Boat Yard in the off season

Crosby Boat Yard, in Osterville MA, is a stunning place to pull out a film camera in the off-season… I don’t quite remember the errand I was running this day, but I turned down West Bay Road on a whim and am SO glad I did!

The old boat yard was established in 1850. It’s a cozy little nook on the way out to the private island of Oyster Harbors, and I’ve visited for various reasons over my years growing up here (friends’ boats, changing restaurants, etc).  These photos capture a particularly unique view because the docks will very soon be packed with large, expensive boats. I love being able to really enjoy the rustic character of Cape Cod before the commotion returns. I like to think these kind of scenes are truly what draws people here!



All photos captured on a Canon 1V camera using Fuji Pro 400H film. Not a lick of touching afterward (I heart film!).

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brand + self // connection + curiosity