brand + self // connection + curiosity

connection + curiosity

I’ve changed the words at the top of this site. Yesterday it said “photography + brand marketing.” Today it says…

brand + self  // connection + curiosity

Do I still do photography and brand consulting? Sometimes, when I’m not fully immersed in my dream job of doing the same for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). But am I gonna let something like a phone photo stop me from sharing on this page any longer? Nope.

There is incredible ownership in holding the keys to in my hands. I want to be me and share my self, my inquiries, my trials and triumphs with you. 

This week I opened up Chani Nicholas’ book “You Were Born For This.” Her words help us to explore not just our sun sign, but also our moon sign, our all-important ascending sign, and the planet that rules our ascendant. It’s a personalized choose-your-own-adventure workbook – highly recommend! – and I’m understanding waaaay more about my life purpose than I did from any Cosmo horoscope back in the day.

Somehow this one and Julia Cameron’s classic “The Artist’s Way” came into my life simultaneously, which – if you could read my birth chart – is no coincidence at all. They hit my shelves months apart, but I opened them within hours of each other.

I’m personally – and it turns out astrologically –  fueled by connection, curiosity and introspection. It seems I have a rather intensely strong pull to understand sorrow and suffering, which sounds heavy at first, but when combined with inspiration toward courage and liberation, I’m able to help myself and others address our most neglected selves. 

Honestly, I can see ALL of that. It’s all I’ve wanted to write or email or podcast about for years. I didn’t expect to see such huge emphasis on pain, but my passion – as you can see from even recent posts – has been to inspire self reflection, connection and growth in others. 

I’ve been blogging in some form for 16+ years, with a mixture of email newsletters and threats of starting a podcast (still love both). But writing fuels me most, and it’s pretty clear to me, the stars and Julia that I should ditch the delay. So you’ll be seeing me around these parts a little more!


sun: gemini in a packed twelfth house | moon: pisces | ascendant: cancer, ruled by the moon
mug by my friend Abby of Courage Goods Pottery

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brand + self // connection + curiosity