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Together on the Chelsea Waterfront

Kaleena and Torrey are adorable. From the minute I walked in to their family home, with the little wrinkles of George at my feet, I knew this was going to be a hug-and-squeeze relationship :-)

engagement photos on the boston waterfront

wedding photos on the boston waterfront

We met in Chelsea, MA, where Kaleena and Torrey first lived together… made that decision that this was going to be true. Forever.

I was so excited for the location because, honestly, even without the fancy shops and trendy cafes, Chelsea is where you find some of the best views of the Boston skyline. A little secret now, but it used to be a bustling vacationland for Boston residents.

engagement photos under the tobin bridge

And sometimes, when you’re pursuing the prettiest and the most sensical, there comes a time to just keep walking past the gates… Who? What? Shipbuilding, docks, tools, ladders… I was totally prepared to ask for forgiveness later, as they say, but it turns out the woman dashing after us was only suggesting another spot for photos ;-) K&T, you guys rocked this.

shipbuilding engagement photos on the chelsea boat docks

It was February. It was freezing cold in the northeast. Right, Boston? Brrrr…. ;-)

fashion photos in a mink coat

Amazing spending the afternoon with these two, and in such a cool and unique location. I will be anticipating their September wedding till the moment I see Kaleena and Torrey (and George!) again. Thank you guys for showing me around Chelsea! XO

Also, a huge thanks to Well Wed magazine for featuring Kaleena & Torrey on their blog today!

All film processed by Pro Photo Connection.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity