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Another beautiful morning, birds chirping and blue skies above. This winter is quite a weird one, but maybe I’m okay with it just this once. I do truly love snow, and all the skiing (nordic and alpine), firewood, warm drinks and winter camping that comes with it. But I’ve also really enjoyed the comfort of my daily runs and walking the beaches with dogs and friends. We have a few mountain adventures still to come this March, but in the meantime I’m grabbing my morning coffee and sharing some more images from my trip down south with Mom!

After an absolutely wonderful visit to Savannah, we hopped in our rental car and drove to Charleston, South Carolina!

To be honest, the drive in was a crazy, traffic-filled mess during a marathon and the Republican Primaries. We were doubting our decision to leave the sweetness of Savannah. But the more we drove into the heart of the town, the history, colors and charm of Charleston wrapped right around us.

There’s so much character walking these streets. The vibrant colors, the decorative molding, the tangible festiveness that still abounds the old City marketplace. (above left actually from Savannah)

(above left also from Savannah)

Having never visited a traditional plantation before, it seemed like one of the must-dos around Charleston. We found our way to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. I’m pretty sure the swamp was our favorite spot!

Happy birthday to you, Mom! And thank you so much for all the exploration you’ve inspired over the years. It was a blast to spend four days together for the first time in years, and I truly came away with a deep love for these two towns as well.

All photos on Contax 645 camera using Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra 160 film (I think). Processed by Richard Photo Lab.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity