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Cape Relay Road Race

More film scans arrived tonight from Richard Photo Lab, and this time here to share the recent escapades of team “Lady Jagas” in the recent 180-mile Cape Relay road race!

This was perhaps one of the most fun road races I’ve ever been a part of. Our team consisted of two vans, 12 runners, two drivers and two bikers. Van #1 started the morning off in Easton, MA, and my Van #2 joined up to finish the afternoon on Friday. Van #1 started running again in Plymouth, while Van #2 huddled up at a nearby home sipping sleepytime tea and watching a movie to try and get some rest. We had bikers along with us for the quiet overnight runs, which meant my own husband riding alongside me at 1:30am in Cotuit – what an experience! You can hardly tell how fast you’re running in that kind of darkness. Quite hysterical that Gary had speakers strapped to his chest, playing our own iPod mixes on each leg.

cape relay road race team

The whole run was filled with laughter and… well, more laughter. We didn’t care about our time at all – we were just racing to the awesome party on the beach in Truro! Thanks to all the ladies – and gent – for making this such an awesome experience!!

girls running on cape cod

Lady Jagas – Tired Legs Tour 2011

(Canon 1V, Kodak Portra 400, rated at 200)

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brand + self // connection + curiosity