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Around Home

Who knew it was going to be such a gorgeous weekend?! I mean, I hear the other side of the bridge was a sloppy, gray mess, but we sure soaked in sunshine on Cape Cod!

We originally had plans to leave for the weekend, which made it all the more sweet to stay home and suddenly have extra time on our hands. I was able to knock things off the to-do list, and also enjoy some added exercise and socializing.

On Saturday morning, I didn’t just deliver an album to one of my favorite dog photography clients, but I got to say YES to sitting down for coffee and chatting with her as our dogs pulled everything out of the toy box. We visited my folks at the antiques show they were participating in, and then joined friends for sushi dinner – even though we went out for sushi the night before (yeah, we love sushi). My Sunday consisted of a leisurely drive out to Provincetown, Truro and Dennisport to scope some upcoming wedding venues. I always love having the time to do that this time of year. Even though I’m traveling for most weddings this year (hello Maine!), I look forward to those moments of quiet exploration at each location -usually the day before or early morning – before the excitement begins!

Back home I decided to pull out a few of my off-camera lighting options and grab these handsome models from the driveway. Thankfully, they both accepted dinner as payment.

What have I not been doing? Well, I’ve shot four rolls of film in the last month and they’re still sitting on my desk undeveloped. Yet somehow I still keep ordering more film, and three rolls of B+W arrived yesterday! I absolutely love it and find myself traveling with only the film camera these days. I love using a handheld, analog exposure meter these days as well. Keepin’ it real, loving new challenges and inspirations. No matter what it is you love to do, I hope you always find ways to keep the energy flowing!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and enjoy your holidays with friends and family!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity