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April in Tuscany, Italy!

I thought it was about time for me to announce I’ll be living in the Tuscany region of Italy for the month of April 2013!

You may recall my month in the Canadian Rockies of Canmore and Banff in 2011. Travel is such an important part of my life, and I’m lucky to have found a career that lets me pursue those dreams too!

What’s more is that I found an incredible friendship in Canmore, and now Julie of Julie Williams Photography is joining me on this year’s trip! I can’t imagine a better evolution of this adventure, and I look forward to sharing it all with her fantastic spirit!

Hope you’ll join us! And by all means, if you or someone you know is coming through Florence or Tuscany this spring, do get in touch!

watercolor credit: Alessia Elysee

A huge thank you goes out to a few others who I’m so excited to collaborate with in the months ahead! We’ve been chatting with wedding planners, calligraphers, other photographers… and even a sweet American couple who will be honeymooning in Tuscany at the time!

Namely, those with the biggest arms wide open to our visit – thank you!:

Serena of Wishversilia is a super thoughtful wedding planner and travel consultant across the Tuscany region.

Mara of Neither Snow is a sweet and amazing New England calligrapher currently living in Florence.

Stay tuned for more as we embark on – and photograph the heck out of – this next big adventure! XO

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brand + self // connection + curiosity