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A wedding at home in Norwalk

I was fumbling through some files on my computer today and pulled up family photos from Norwalk, Connecticut a little more than a year ago. My subjects were Anne and Andy’s kids, all grown, including Anne’s daughter Sandy whose wedding I’d photographed in Vermont a couple of years previous. I’ve had a loooooovely time hangin’ with this family for several occasions now – family, weddings, babies, friends’ weddings. So I was THROUGH THE MOON excited when it came time for Anne and Andy to get married themselves!!

They chose the glorious, intimate setting of their very own home on the water in East Norwalk, CT just before Christmas. I know you can see the love and excitement in their faces, so I’ll leave you with a few photos today!


I absolutely love Anne’s hair blowing in the above photo!marriend-at-home

Such a great group – I love this gaggle of folks I consider extended family at this point! (I mean, they even shared their top-secret-special cookies with me!) Huge congratulations to Anne, Andy and the entire family!

Till next time!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity