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A little side project…

Digital cameras are incredible, and they’re allowing so many people to capture gorgeous photos with a very quick learning curve. The beauty of it is being able to immediately see what resulted from the photo you just took and the settings you just used. But a lot of folks are thinking they bought this big fancy DSLR camera and it can probably take amazing photos in the Program/Auto mode. Since that just isn’t the case, and I know a ton of my friends just want to be able to take nice pictures of their family once in a while, I’ve started offering some photography tips online.

I can’t say as that I needed another site to keep up with, or that I feel I have any crazy qualification to be a teacher… I was basically reading a book about flash photography one night and thought about how involved this whole learning process is. I’m constantly reading and trying new things, following new blogs and watching the latest videos. It costs money to keep up on the industry and to invest in the latest tools. I love it, and I’ve chosen it as a profession, but everyone has their own thing they love and invest in. If you choose to spend your time and money elsewhere, it shouldn’t mean that you never get nice photos from your life.

So here it is. I’ve posted a couple of things already, and drafted up a few more. I’m writing it like an e-mail to my friends, so it’s pretty casual – hopefully a bit more “real life”. There’s an “ask me anything” button to the right where you can send me ideas or even correct my mistakes. Join in, and tell me what you think!

helpful tips from a wedding photographer

The site itself is through the Tumblr format, a very simple and easy blogging tool. The most recent posts show up on the top, so you’ll want to start from the beginning if you’re just joining. Comments don’t seem to work unless you’ve followed via Tumblr itself for two weeks? but I’m working on a way around that so we can encourage discussion.

Stay tuned for more updates, and I hope you enjoy!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity