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A Cape Cod Proposal

It’s always the coolest when a guy contacts a photographer before proposing to his girlfriend… and this past August I was there to capture the moment for David and Tyler!

David reached out to me in August about his upcoming trip to Cape Cod with his girlfriend Tyler, his family traveling up annually from Dallas, TX for more than 22 years. My job was to hang out on Kingsbury Beach in Eastham, like any normal photographer would, and start snapping away when I saw David get down on one knee!

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows how this story went… the family’s dinner was taking FOREVER and the sun was setting. I waited almost two full hours for the lovebirds to come walking down the beach! “Should I leave? Should I stay? Did something go wrong? Am I at the wrong beach?? I’m at the right beach, right???” Thank goodness everyone on Instagram was on the edge of their seats along with me, ha ha!


Finally, after the sun dipped below the ocean, there they were! I wasn’t close enough to hear their words, and I hoped that my snapping wasn’t obvious until the right moment!


(Above shows my pathway back to the car… gulp! But thankfully someone BBQing in a big family party on the beach gave me a ride down the road after all was said and done!)

She said yes! After their happy words and embraces, I got to meet David and Tyler for the very first time. Such sweethearts, and I couldn’t be happier for them on this exciting adventure!



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brand + self // connection + curiosity