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Where ya been?

I’ve been gone for a bit, thanks to some very effective site-hacking and not at all because I haven’t felt compelled to be here! In fact, more than ever, I’m drawn to writing and sharing in this vintage blog space… while we’re all otherwise experiencing a whole lotta isolation in our lives.

fall foliage at magic mountain ski resort

While recovering this site, I decided to ditch all my other sites, whether those for running, yoga, business consulting and more. I have certainly had a lot of multi-passionate ideas throughout my life, but they ALL make me who I am, and who I am is Stacey Hedman-dot-com.

This page has long been tied to photography, but I was recently reflecting on the fact that I’ve been blogging since around 2003! I believe I blogged about personal life for about a year before we transitioned over to a website for our own wedding – and honestly, 15-17 years ago that was pretty progressive, ha! I never really stopped after that.

stacey in vermont fall foliage

So we’re back to our regular programming! I have some ideas for upcoming posts… (and I’d love any requests if you have ’em!)

  • Learning something new (today will be soy candles!)
  • Zoom-gathering holiday ideas, because I seem to be making this my jam lately
  • A year as Vermonters (we haven’t left since COVID hit in March)
  • Exploring sobriety (yeah, you heard me)
  • My personal morning routine, and lately an evening routine too
  • Still shooting a few weddings…

All that and more!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity