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Vermont Wedding at Hildene

What a gorgeous Saturday for a wedding at Hildene, the Lincoln family estate in Manchester, Vermont! (that’s Lincoln as in the President’s son, as in really really old)

Having been married in the area myself five and a half years ago, I was lucky to hook up with our own florist, Julane of Flowers Flowers, to share in some of the early preparations for the day.

Starting the morning out at the shop was a treat. On the morning of my own wedding in January 2005, I brought my girlfriends and some champagne bottles to this very place and we all participated in the making of our own arrangements. On this trip, Julane’s team was quite busy with a weekend full of events – two weddings and a rehearsal dinner. I fell instantly in love with the vibrant blue and orange colors of the day’s wedding.

Leaving Manchester Center, it’s just a short drive out to the Hildene estate. The ceremony site is on a gorgeous cliff overlooking the Green Mountain National Forest. I might caution against the idea of jabbing stakes into the ground here again, as it is a miracle that a couple of these are even standing, never mind standing even with one another.

Before heading off to my official photographer task of the evening, I joined Julane and her team down the slope from the home, under the reception tent, to see what amazing creations were forming there. I love the earthy feeling that the taller trees brought to the space, some tables with florals and some with the candlelit trees. Such a gorgeous vibe!

What a truly fun experience to join behind-the-scenes and see the flow of the day for a different type of wedding vendor! I’ve said it before, and I hope I always do, but it is a really amazing feeling on the morning of a wedding to think about all the vendors and strangers who are invested in making this one day the most special and beautiful and yummy day for a couple we all don’t really even know. We wake up and check the weather, just like you do. We get butterflies and nerves of excitement, just almost like you do. If there is a fork out of place in the photo above, it isn’t just the caterer who will fix it… the florist, the coordinator, the baker, the photographer… we’ll all reach down for a second to make your day perfect. That is what makes me so happy to be joining this industry.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity