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Remembering people’s names

I’ve been remembering people’s names so much these days. I suppose it coincides with also simply talking to others more, looking up from my phone, finding camaraderie in everyday human existence.

Now that I’m a “few” decades into life, I would have confidently said I’m definitely no good at this, but somehow as of 2020 it suddenly comes naturally to me.

It seems to be mostly with strangers who are helping me, such as at the doctor’s office, store or others I haven’t typically dedicated time to. Without a second thought, I now refer back to them by name.

One friend observed:

“It’s the removal of all things being about ‘me’ and more of the willingness to inquire… ‘who are you?'”

I raced through a doctor’s office, thanking “Debbie” for the immense and speedy favor she was doing for me. A few days later, I shouted out “good morning, Nancy!” to a woman at work whose name I long figured I’d forgotten. I met the new ski coach and said “you must be Eric.”

It’s like the words come out of my mouth without my help. It’s a trait I’ve long wished to possess, and I’m so grateful for it now. Who knows how long it will last, but it fills my heart!  

Acknowledging another person is an important and touching connection; so very human of us as a species. Some would say our work here on this planet is about relating to one another, and despite all the wars and disagreements around the world, spiritual leaders and mystics seem to believe we are indeed growing closer.

Meet you soon!


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brand + self // connection + curiosity