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Hooray!  The first four rolls of film are back from the lab, and since we’re in for a very sun-filled weekend, I thought I’d greet you with fresh crocus blooms this morning! Have a wonderful weekend!

flowers blooming on cape cod

(many of the other photos are from a snowier time…)

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  • April 30, 2011 - 8:59 am

    Kate - Stacey! I am so excited you’re shooting film! I’m just getting back to shooting film too! What are you shooting with?

  • April 30, 2011 - 9:13 am

    stacey - I snagged a Canon 1V but I think this was shot with an old Canon T70 and Kodak Ektar 100 film! Let’s chat more!

  • April 30, 2011 - 4:22 pm

    Gordon - I’m thinking about getting back into film again, too. I’m hoping to get my hands on an inexpensive Rolleiflex or Yashica TLR to shoot some medium format black and white. Going to process my own film (which I miss dearly) and get a serviceable scanner to digitize the negatives.

Good morning to you all! I hope everyone’s bright-eyed and busy-tailed for the Royal Wedding today! Despite a crazy exhausting week, I woke up minutes before my 4am alarm to tune in to the live coverage. This is something that, to be honest, I’m not really sure I would have paid that much attention to in the past, but this morning I’m on edge because I catch adorable little glances between the couple and can’t find the photographer anywhere! I know this event will define wedding trends for the next few years.

Catherine will always be Kate, and their love has been very simple and “common”, all things considered. When thinking of what I wanted to give away today in celebration, I thought I would help to celebrate common, everyday love! We all have our prince!

So head on over and become a fan on the Stacey Hedman Photography Facebook page! I’m encouraging you to snap a photo of something British today – any interpretation or handmade creation you can think of! Be creative! Share it on the page for all to enjoy, and have your friends “like” the photo as much as they want! More points for more likes. We’ll be voting on the best photo at the end of today, and granting (sounds fancy) one full portrait session for a loving couple around New England!

engagement photography cape cod beach

When photographing couples, I love to explore a more relaxed style that let’s you just be you, together. I’m looking for any two people who are in love, whether dating or married over 20 years! If you’re not in the New England area, you can still participate and perhaps gift your session or contribute to travel.

This session can be at the location of your choice, pending schedule availability any time of the year. You’ll receive approximately 30 favorite photos on high-resolution DVD.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with today! Enjoy the wedding festivities!

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  • April 29, 2011 - 3:38 pm

    Cindy - How fun! Really hard to find something around the house that’s English, but I think I found something, finally… ;)

Who knew it was going to be such a gorgeous weekend?! I mean, I hear the other side of the bridge was a sloppy, gray mess, but we sure soaked in sunshine on Cape Cod!

We originally had plans to leave for the weekend, which made it all the more sweet to stay home and suddenly have extra time on our hands. I was able to knock things off the to-do list, and also enjoy some added exercise and socializing.

On Saturday morning, I didn’t just deliver an album to one of my favorite dog photography clients, but I got to say YES to sitting down for coffee and chatting with her as our dogs pulled everything out of the toy box. We visited my folks at the antiques show they were participating in, and then joined friends for sushi dinner – even though we went out for sushi the night before (yeah, we love sushi). My Sunday consisted of a leisurely drive out to Provincetown, Truro and Dennisport to scope some upcoming wedding venues. I always love having the time to do that this time of year. Even though I’m traveling for most weddings this year (hello Maine!), I look forward to those moments of quiet exploration at each location -usually the day before or early morning – before the excitement begins!

Back home I decided to pull out a few of my off-camera lighting options and grab these handsome models from the driveway. Thankfully, they both accepted dinner as payment.

What have I not been doing? Well, I’ve shot four rolls of film in the last month and they’re still sitting on my desk undeveloped. Yet somehow I still keep ordering more film, and three rolls of B+W arrived yesterday! I absolutely love it and find myself traveling with only the film camera these days. I love using a handheld, analog exposure meter these days as well. Keepin’ it real, loving new challenges and inspirations. No matter what it is you love to do, I hope you always find ways to keep the energy flowing!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and enjoy your holidays with friends and family!

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  • April 18, 2011 - 11:16 am

    Emmy Mattei - Lovely! Of course it would have been great to see you in the great (not so white) North, but seems like a really fun weekend with wonderful pictures of your boys.

The sun is shining and the skies are blue. In fact the birds and peepers have been crazy active. It MUST mean that spring is here to stay, right?

Truth be told, we’re still hoping to sneak one more weekend of skiing in, but only for reggae weekend at one of our favorite mountains – Sugarloaf, Maine!

You, my dear, can soon head to store shelves to find Cape Cod Life‘s “Garden Issue”, bursting with visuals and stories to get you in the spring spirit. I’ve been looking forward to this issue ever since visiting the gorgeous property of landscape architect Paul Miskovsky last fall. Here’s a peek at some of the design in his own back yard in Falmouth, MA!

landscaping garden cape codlandscape photography cape cod

Below left is just a glimpse of the large waterfall cascading down a beautiful slope behind Paul’s home. Clients are welcome to visit and walk the natural staircase, sit for a while on the patio half way up, cross a bridge over the water, and meander back down the other side. I imagine Paul is a busy guy, and I kinda chuckled to myself when meeting his wife… I’m sure she has a lot to do with this gorgeous yard of their own!

garden photography on cape codgarden issue cape cod life magazinelandscape photography of lemon tree

You can see and learn even more about Paul in this May’s Garden Issue of Cape Cod Life! It’s always an honor for me to be a part of it.

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Lisa and Joe were married this February in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shooting alongside the lovely Sarah Postma, this trip also gave me the chance to visit my best friend in the same town and warm up in what I thought would be a balmy desert sunshine. I think it was still around 35 degrees, though, and even the fountains were freezing over!

Nonetheless, Lisa and Joe brought it, with their smiles and such a warm group of friends and family. I’m so happy I was able to share in their little love story for a day, thanks Sarah!

The couple’s first-look took place on the grounds of the Arizona Grand Resort. It was so fun to work with the southwestern style throughout the day.

arizona grand resort wedding couple

arizona grand wedding photographer

arizona bride and groom

scottsdale wedding resort

Had to snap a few shots with the Tillamook Cheese truck passing by!

tillamook cheese weddingarizona grand resort wedding photographerarizona bride and groomscottsdale wedding photographer

After goo-gobs of portraits (yay!), we made our way to Our Lady of Perpetual Health for a beautiful ceremony.

wedding ceremony scottsdale az

A few more portraits alone with Lisa and Joe at Scottsdale Civic Center. I loved the modern lines, and again those Arizona trees to work with!

scottsdale civic center weddingscottsdale civic center portraits

And finally, on to The Wright House for dinner and dancing to celebrate the happy couple!

wright house wedding photoswright house interior scottsdale

What a fun trip for a special kind of winter wedding! When I returned home, I adjusted my rates to eliminate travel fees within the continental United States. I loved the opportunity to visit my bestie, and the inspiration of new surroundings on the wedding day. I look forward to being even more accessible to couples around the country, so stay tuned!

Congrats again to Lisa and Joe!

wright house garden room wedding arizona

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  • April 4, 2011 - 4:34 pm

    Sarah Goodwin - Such lovely photos. I especially love the couple through the foliage and the bride in the cheese truck.