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Thom Barrett is a local woodworker and owner of Tidal Pursuit, based right here in Marstons Mills!

I had the pleasure of capturing Thom’s intimate wedding aboard a sailboat last year, at which point he was already retiring and delving deep into his second-life career with furniture and wood! He’s gone on to some incredible training and mentorships, and it was an honor to visit his studio with my camera – and my MARKETING cap on – this January!
thom barrett cape codYep, that’s right! As I work to formalize my marketing offerings alongside my photography skills, Thom and I spent the morning on a deep-dive session evaluating his target market and the strategy for his website and social media channels. I delivered a 7-page report dedicated solely to his business as a wood-working craftsman on Cape Cod, and we got him moving on new Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts too. I LOVE this stuff, and it’s exciting to be sharing my knowledge in helping another great local entrepreneur grow!
handmade wood furniturehandmade wood boxesthom barrett cape cod

woodworking workshophandmade wood furniture on cape cod

Our afternoon photography included full furniture products, smaller craft pieces, headshots and even photos of Thom’s chocolate lab puppy, Nutmeg. Our goal was to build a great sample of images for Thom to use in his WordPress blog design and social media outreach. I’m excited to see where Thom’s business goes this 2016!

And if you know of another small business or idea-maker who would benefit from a little partnership with ME, please spread the word!

Find Thom’s gorgeous, hand-crafted work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google +!

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  • January 21, 2016 - 11:16 am

    William Hemmerdinger - Stacey,

    Excellent photographs of woodworking shop. Terrific woodworking and swell images. Have you considered doing a book or website with images of artists/craftsmen of Cape Cod?

This July, I was ECSTATIC to photograph Caitlin & Brett’s wedding right in my husband’s home town of Dorset, Vermont! Not only was it in Dorset, but the Barrows House sits at the base of one of my favorite Vermont backdrops for photos – the Dorset Hollows (the Upper Hollow and Lower Hollow Road loop). You might remember some of these scenes from this Vermont wedding bride and Kathleen & Pete’s fall engagement photos!

Caitlin and Brett are an absolutely fantastic and fun-loving couple! Honestly, it’s not entirely rare that I don’t get to meet with clients before their wedding weekend. Maybe we have a couple of great Skype chats in the year ahead, particularly for a destination wedding… but even without that, I KNEW I was in for a good time with these two (thanks Brigitt & Stephen!). Plus, it’s always a favorite of mine to be able to join for the rehearsal dinner – a lovely evening at the Dorset Inn!

You guys went crazy for this photo on Instagram and Facebook, so let’s start off strong for the story of Caitlin & Brett’s Vermont wedding!


wedding jewelryThe setting of the Barrow’s House made for a relaxed day of preparations. When Julie and I arrived, the guests – who were mostly staying on the property – were busy with lawn games, laughter and helping out with decorations. Dad and his pals were lifting a gorgeous and heavy menu sign he had made, Caitlin herself was helping under the tent with her curlers in, and still more guests were pulling in to the adorably quaint village of Dorset.


perennial studios wedding flowers

Programs designed by Etsy shop VineWedding.dorset-vermont-wedding-6dorset-vermont-wedding-003

Invitations by PaperDainty on Etsy: vermont wedding invitationsCaitlin & Brett chose to share a “first look” before their ceremony, and what better place than Brett’s family home across the street! Such a sweet little patio and garden, which fit the July day perfectly. This allowed us to take some time to explore the Dorset Hollows for plenty of photos before our return to the celebration.

vermont wedding photos

The flowers were amaaaazing, thanks to Jen of Perennial Studio!
dorset-vermont-wedding-10dorset-vermont-wedding-16barrows house wedding


I’m a sucker for a mountain wedding backdrop! These guys were willing to explore and climb over trees and rocks… which makes for the best photos!vermont wedding mountainsdorset-vermont-wedding-71

dorset-vermont-wedding-012vermont wedding in the mountainsdorset-vermont-wedding-015vermont river weddingdorset-vermont-wedding-3

barrows house weddingBack under the tent, another shot of Jen from Perennial Studio, because why not?! She wore that adorable apron and cowgirl boots for the camera, right?
dorset-vermont-wedding-115A perfect summer evening for cocktails and old friends…

vermont wedding funfetti cake

Yep, that’s right – FUNFETTI!! Please go ahead and PIN that one above! I want funfetti at every wedding! This cake traveled up from Momofuku Milk Bar.

A great group of girlfriends to match the colorful cake!dorset-vermont-wedding-21dorset-vermont-wedding-129

Caitlin & Brett, you’re my kinda people! I’d photograph your wedding for DAYS, which is convenient because I’ve loved seeing you on other wedding dance floors now too ;-) I hope your photos always remind you of what a fantastic celebration you had to kick off your marriage! Thank you for inviting me to be there with you in Vermont! XO

barrows house wedding

Assisting Photographer: JEsther Photography | Venue & Catering: The Barrows House | Flowers: Perennial Studio | Hair & Makeup: Five Elements Salon & Day SpaInvitations: PaperDainty | Programs: VineWedding | Menus: LetteredStudio | Officiant: Pastor Margaret Dawedeit | Ceremony Music: Moose Crossing Jazz Trio | Band: Big Party Orchestra | Cake: Momofuku Milk BarDress: AmsaleShoes: Yves Saint LaurentSuit: Men’s Warehouse

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I recently became certified as a Kripalu yoga teacher. What the heck does that have to do with photography?

Don’t be confused here, it’s just yoga ;-)

As mentioned in my last post, I’m a Gemini – and boy do I rock that hard! There’s this thing about “twins” and multiple personalities, or I like to call it “versatility”… In modern day terms, let’s just say I have a LOT of domain names. A lot of interests. I grew up on the beach and belong to the Appalachian Mountain Club, I’m a photographer with an MBA, I studied calligraphy for a weekend, I’m a huge knitter, I still take language courses, I’ll sign up for any sewing class, I had a membership to a pottery studio in Vermont, I love to watercolor, I’m a runner and enjoy building community around that, I volunteer for local animal rescue organizations, I’m off to a meditation retreat this weekend… and mostly, I just freak my mom out with too many things on my plate at once. For me, though, “too many” isn’t a thing. If there is was a gap in my schedule, it’s been filled by now. That’s kinda how I like it.

[insert meditation here]

Once going out on my own after corporate life, I began taking a month of time off to travel – like fully renting an apartment and living somewhere else for a while. I spent one August in the Rocky Mountains of Banff, Alberta, and more recently spent an April month amidst the adorable streets of Florence, Italy. This year? I spent a month in the Berkshires of Massachusetts learning yoga.

My yoga teacher and mentor, Coby Kozlowski seems to be a soul mate of mine… She taught herself to surf, took time away to attend DJ school, and recently spent a week learning floral design in NYC. I’m only mentioning her to help make the case that I’m not the only crazy one. Did it work?

Anyway, that’s the story of how Stacey became a yoga teacher. It has nothing to do with photography and everything to do with life experiences! That being said, *call me* if you’re looking for yoga photography!cape cod yoga photographycape cod yoga photographycape cod yoga photography

All photos are of the beautiful Shell, a Kripalu yoga teacher over at!

cape cod yoga photography


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  • January 8, 2016 - 5:49 pm

    Amanda Young - Oh my gosh. This is so completely and totally me! You are *absolutely* not alone… and I have, in fact, started writing a blogpost so similar to this on so many occasions. I love: (in no particular order)… photography, reading & writing, fitness/running, marketing/design, kids & volunteering at a children’s hospital, knitting, quilting, general crafting/DIY, home renovations, traveling. Sometimes it makes my head spin because I can never decide “what’s next” but I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Thanks to my friend Desiree for pointing me to this week’s blog post from Decor8, about the current and future status of blogging.

“Let us all remember WHY we started blogging, and consider what you can bring, but also consider that people love YOU and what YOU are doing and saying. And they want more of that. More of YOU. What you REALLY love, what you are doing, what makes you tick.”

Truth is, I’ve struggled to keep up the motivation to blog, and with the new year and the Decor8 article, I think I’m realizing why. I originally started a blog for MY wedding, just like many of you! Once our wedding came and went, I continued writing, enjoyed the sharing, grew in my learning of blogging and social media, and eventually brought all of this knowledge into my career in marketing strategy. It was only through a blog contest at my PR agency in 2009 that I ever took the plunge into a photography business!

Even still, I was blogging from the heart – sharing not only my clients’ photos and stories, but my own as well. I need to get back to that. Maybe a blog post about coffee – or, let’s be straight, bourbon – will turn off a reader or two, but I have always believed my online transparency to be the biggest factor in how much I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients! We love dogs, we shop local, we spend time by the ocean AND the mountains, we finally just got to pull out our Bean Boots for the winter… and we always end up as friends!

cape cod beach photo

My biggest New Years resolution for 2016 is to bring a real camera with me everywhere! I’m obsessed with Instagram and “iPhoneography,” sure (above is admittedly iPhone), but I want to be better about keeping my real camera close. Not even my film cameras, but being able to enjoy and share my [digital] perspective on a more frequent basis. I hope to see you more around here!

And yes, if you follow me anywhere else on the web, you know I’m a true Gemini with my toes dipped in a LOT of different pools. I have a running brand, I’m a yoga teacher, I photograph dogs, and I’ve maintained a corporate marketing background as well. That’s just some of what makes me who I am! That, and the bourbon.

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  • January 7, 2016 - 5:13 pm

    jess - i LOVE your resolution to carry your camera with you more often! i OFTEN curse myself for not having my camera as i’m driving by a pond/field/cool old cemetery etc. but i find my camera bag to be…. annoying! do you have a suggestion for a smallish, comfortable camera bag that i could also tuck my wallet/essentials into so my camera can safely tag along with me wherever i go??


I had the absolute honor of capturing Tanya’s fall jewelry line in the gorgeous September light – here is a collection of favorites with Trust Jewelry‘s Autum Elixir Collection!

fashion photographer cape cod

These gorgeous models are friends of Trust Jewelry and obviously LOVE rockin’ their best for the camera! We ventured out to the hidden gem of Spohr Gardens in Falmouth for the afternoon. It was such a refreshing and creative shoot for me, and I look forward to more such collaborations in the very near future!

Shop Trust allllll over Cape Cod, New England and beyond! Click here for locations or the online shop.

boho style shoot cape cod

boho stylefashion photographer cape cod

boho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape codfashion photographer on cape codboho style photosboho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape cod

boho style shoot cape cod

boho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape codfashion photographerhippie photo shoot

boho style shoot cape codfashion photographerboho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape codfashion photographer cape codfashion photographer cape cod

Tanya herself was hands-on the whole shoot, and her eye for beauty and style is magnificent to witness. She’s taken her show on the road to the West Coast right now, and I love keeping up with her visually on Instagram!

boho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape codboho fashion shootfashion boho photosboho style shoot cape cod

boho fashion photographyboho style shoot cape codboho style shoot cape cod

Such a wonderful collaboration and great conversation with these strong women all afternoon! I love the creativity and entrepreneurship that flows through each new generation of women I meet, and I’m proud that our little peninsula is grabbing the reigns on our future. It’s not all ice cream, t-shirt shops and trades any longer. There are so many inspired new ideas, motivators and artists, both within and around us!

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