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I’m easily confused as to whether Lindsay & Luke were my friends or my clients first. Turns out they were actually clients first, but we had such a blast doing their engagement photos only the week before their wedding that it actually made the wedding day even more fun!

The happy couple trekked up to Vermont with their dog Lexi to explore the hillside of the Sunderland and Manchester (VT) area with me. We had a great time hopping in and out of the car for a few sweet backdrops, and then played in the rain at Hildene Meadows before settling in for a cocktail under cover.

Such great sports playing in the rain! I can’t wait to share more of Luke & Lindsay’s August wedding day soon!

Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford XP-5 film, processed by Richard Photo Lab.

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  • September 14, 2012 - 11:07 am

    Karl - The picture where you can see the raindrops is AWE. SOME.

  • February 17, 2013 - 1:11 pm

    Romantic Wedding of Lindsay + Luke - [...] the week before their wedding, Lindsay and Luke joined me for a quintessential Vermont engagement session. As I always tell my clients, of course you probably don’t need engagement photos, but the [...]

You’ve seen this place a few times…Crosby Boat Yard is one a favorite spot along my running route, and has lent itself for a few photo opportunities in the various seasons.

The gorgeousness of the off-season, when I was just re-discovering my love for film photography: Crosby Boat Yard in the Off-Season

…Which inspired a little wedding goodness as well: Boat Yard Wedding

So this weekend, with my friend and fellow photographer Jacqueline Poussot in town, we stopped off for a little wander around. The awesome thing about visiting on a weekday is that they were open for business and let us come through for even more of an inside peek and great conversation! Below are a few snaps on my Polaroid 195 Land camera:

cape cod polaroid photographypolaroid photos of cape codcrosby boat yard in osterville


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Chillin’ at the beach this evening, and inspired to move these video posts to the iPhone! I think it will allow me to be more casual and spontaneous with this fun element of saying hello!

I got the idea after reading about this photographer shooting an entire wedding via iPhone – what do you think? I’m sure I’m not supposed to be impressed by it, but I’m always game for trying new challenges and innovations. It works for a City Hall wedding anyway!

But I’ll stop typing… hope you enjoy!

DJ’s mentioned:

  • Flavorheard – spinning vinyl and digital, crazy amazing guys
  • JetSet Sounds – mixing classic wedding and beats, and I do mean mixing (not just intermixing)
  • DJ Davey Jones – just launching the wedding aspect of his biz, but I can connect you via e-mail/phone

“Second Shooters” joining me this month!

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  • September 12, 2012 - 10:03 pm

    Christin Schow - Thanks for the shout out to our DJ Davey Jones!! Wasn’t he amazing!?! :)
    Miss you and Nina already!

August was SUCH a fantastic month! The weather was beautiful, so much laughter, and amazing opportunities created and found!

MOST of all, we adopted a dog! He’s a 5-month old Black-Mouth Cur from Louisiana, who we met while photographing for the Animal Rescue League of Boston‘s Cape Cod shelter. We named him Cajun, or “Cage”! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already see he’s fitting in quite well with a long line of quirky and hilarious Hedman mutts :-)

Second most wonderful were the ten days I spent at our other home base (and business base) of Dorset, Vermont. It was so nice to breathe in the Vermont air, and to savor the family, friendships and backdrops of the area. I photographed a wedding, but also local farmers and businesses, and a creative shoot I spontaneously dreamt up on my own. I also made a great new photographer friend as we sat together working at my fav, the Northshire Bookstore!

I hope you had a fantastic month too! Pull on some jeans and get ready for an equally fantastic September.

The above…

Photographing one of my favorite subjects – the wines and goodies of Truro Vineyards on Cape Cod! Several great hikes while enjoying our time in Vermont. Meet Cajun, before he even snuggled into my arms!

Another great business, I spent a few mornings in the bakery of Earth Sky Time Farm in Manchester, VT. And I was so excited when several local yoga studios came together to celebrate with over 150 yogis on the Village Green in Hyannis – Happy National Yoga Month this September! My nieces inspired me to call on my friendship-bracelet making skills, and it was just like riding a bike! Used to spend hooouuurs with a pin of embroidery floss tied to my jeans in middle school.

I’m never great about spending on my own massages, but I love gift certificates! And this was probably the deepest massage I’ve ever experienced, at Equinox Resort & Spa in Manchester. After ten days away, I came back to my hydrangea, herbs and veggies picked from the garden! Lastly, a Polaroid glimpse of a very special shoot – a collaboration that came together just perfectly, and you’ll be seeing more very soon!

You can find me as @staceyhedman on Instagram!

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Christin & Matt are getting married this weekend! It’s Labor Day weekend, and time to kick off the beautiful fall season. These guys have definitely become great friends of mine, and their dog Milo too! Which makes things all the sweeter when the big day arrives!

We had so much fun on their engagement photos in Portsmouth, NH. We explored the waterfront, Strawberry Banke, and the downtown area a tiny bit before the rain crashed down on our heads.

SO excited for the beautiful weekend ahead with you guys! Congratulations!

Contax 645 and Canon 1V, Fuji 400H film, processed by Richard Photo Lab

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