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I love to write letters…

Once a month, I write a letter. It’s not a “newsletter” or otherwise contrived email ploy, but rather a gentle sharing and curiosity written from my heart.

I’m drawn to share from my personal life, the explorations of learning who I am in this world, and my hope is that you see a bit of yourself reflected along the way as well.

image of a blank letter on a desk

In 2021, I intend to send 12 letters and to truly commit to showing up for you. Many of my peers and loved ones have seen me send emails on a certain theme or subject in the past, but this time there is no plan. This time I simply want to share in this crazy life experience with you.

If you’ve subscribed in the past, please start again. I wish to make no assumptions that anyone still follows me for the reasons they once did. But I hope you’ll come along.

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brand + self // connection + curiosity