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Here Together

I had an idea this morning. I was walking the beach with our dog, totally loving all the golden colors of beach grass this time of year. It’s warm this November, which likely increased the “enjoyment” factor a bit. I snapped this photo on Instagram:

My caption said “insert happy couple here,” and to be honest, as I continued walking I just kept thinking daaaaaaaaang… I really wish I had someone to photograph here! Who would ever walk a half hour out on a beach in November for their together-session?

So you know what? I’ll do it for free.

Go follow “staceyhedman” on Instagram, and from now on (starting with this photo!), whenever you see me post a photo with the hashtag #heretogether just be the first to respond back to me identifying the location!

This applies to any couples who are in love – no children or dogs for this one. It’s contingent on us finding a time that works for both of us within 10 days of the photo being posted to Instagram, so please only respond if you’re available. I’ll give you a hint if I’m in a different state, since I travel quite regularly around New England. The session is free to you, and includes approximately 10-12 of the best photos in digital format.

So where do you think I was this morning??

(Instagram is an application made for iPhones, but you can still follow along when these photos post instantly to Twitter as well).


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brand + self // connection + curiosity