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Farmers Market Celebration at the Equinox, Vermont

For those who follow me on Twitter or our Facebook fan page, you already know how ECSTATIC I was for this “farmstand” themed rehearsal dinner in Manchester, Vermont this August. If my goal is to shoot the more unique and earthy weddings, this was one heck of a call to get! The back lawn at the Equinox Resort & Spa was decked out with the look of a true farmers market. Each of the “vendor” tents were different on purpose, rather than perfectly matching. Guests walked from the cheese wagon to the pie baker, to the grilled local meat, and even to a hands-on mozzarella making demonstration! The Equinox staff joined the fun and donned their green aprons, and a local bluegrass band led by Bob Ray set the musical tone.

In the groom’s mother’s toast, she so eloquently explained what farming and local markets mean to her family, and how the planting, cultivation and community so closely mirrors the path of love, marriage and family we were sharing a part in that weekend.

Adoooored the hanging apple basket lights, and arrangements made of local flowers and vegetables – plucked right from the week’s farmers market! Julane of Flowers Flowers totally captured the mood, inside and outside of the tent.

If you’re gonna go local, don’t forget the beer!

A long standing tradition for the doormen at the Equinox Resort & Spa:

Earth Sky Time Community Farm was on hand with organic vegetables and their own amazing veggie burgers, hummus, salsa and tabbouleh. Scrumptious! The Equinox pulled in its own resources of local meats, veggies and cheeses too, with such presentation!

Tents and lighting were set up by the amazing team, Pember and Dennis, of Rain or Shine Tent Company. Dusk started to settle, and guests made their way to dinner under the main tent with their heaping dinner plates.

… including butter-dunked corn cobs, and tasty mozzarella made on site!

But keep your eye over on Grandma Miller’s tent… yowza. Save room!

I’m pretty sure every great night ends with ice cream.

CONGRATS to the happy couple!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity