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Fairfield Beach Engagement

Kate and Eric live in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, but hold strong ties to the Rhode Island and Connecticut coast. I drove down to my brother-in-law’s family home in Fairfield, Connecticut two weeks ago to meet this gorgeous couple on the beach. They were engaged in Central Park and are planning an incredible wedding in the city for next spring!

Would you believe that Kate and Eric chose to meet at the same pavillion on the same beach that Gary and I first met at, in 1998?! (Long story, but we met, dated, moved in together, broke up, moved apart and didn’t speak for a few years until reuniting in 2003). We always knew we met on a beach in Fairfield, but when we walked out to the Penfield Beach Pavillion it was a huge trip down memory lane! CONGRATS to Kate and Eric on all the adventure to come! I’m so excited to have spent this sunny afternoon with you on the coast, and had a great time photographing Bella as well!

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brand + self // connection + curiosity