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A Day in Provincetown

This past September, I drove up to Provincetown with a couple of photographer pals – Melissa from Atlanta, and Alicia from Sweden! We were all between a crazy month of weddings, and savoring our weekdays for R&R! I was practically teary-eyed when they offered to come up to Cape Cod for a little getaway! And lucky for me, Melissa even captured a quintessential Cape Cod wedding with me during her stay! I love these girls to pieces!

We originally met through our love of film photography… the real live stuff you roll up and send to the lab. My camera of choice this day was the Contax G2, and and a roll of Fuji 400H.

parabolic dunes in provincetown

Have you ever made it out to the Parabolic Dunes in the Cape Cod National Seashore? It’s absolutely breathtaking…

Words cannot describe how large and steep the below dune is that Alicia is climbing – she makes it look good, doesn’t she? Once you come up over the top, it’s just dunes for as far as the eye can see!parabolic dunes in provincetownthe cantina in provincetownWe meandered around town, at the pace of three women holding cameras (SLOW). We get to see each only other about once a year, so there was a lot of babble, a couple of cocktails, the best fish tacos in the universe, and just more and more photos. The sun was setting out over MacMillan Wharf as we walked back to our car.

provincetown macmillan wharfthe harbor in provincetownfishing pier in provincetown

I love these images of women out on the pier: They Also Faced the Sea is an art installation by Provincetown artists Ewa Nogiec and Norma Holt, meant to represent all of the Portuguese women of Provincetown who over the years have been the backbone of this vital fishing village.

macmillan wharf in provincetown

Just as we pulled out of town, we circled out to the very tip of Provincetown at the “breakwaters”, where DOZENS of photographers were lined up with their tripods for the sunset!! Here we were, [tipsy] full-time professionals who were taking a break from our “real” cameras and perfection, giggling among sooooo many others who were full-on SERIOUS about their tripods and gadgets. I hope they got the shot!sunset in provincetown

My favorite time to hit up Provincetown and the National Seashore is NOW! There are plenty of [dog-friendly] B&Bs, Air BnBs, cafes and locals still hanging out, ready to greet you! Let me know if you go! Of course I’m always in love with a salty fresh Provincetown wedding day too !

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brand + self // connection + curiosity